Winter Dome

Winter Dome is a geodesic dome structure, designed for a fast organizing of living space suitable for all-year round stay.
Winter Dome heats up very quickly and efficiently keeps the temperature.
Due to it's shape, it is stable to hurricanes and strong winds.
Snow doesn't accumulate on top of the dome. Panoramic window
allows you to enjoy surrounding landscapes during the day
and stars in the night and will be attractive feature for guests;
It's unique outer look will catch the eye from far away and
will become an interesting tourist attraction point and
unforgettable vacation place! winter dome cottage

Применяется как:

  • Skiing lodge;
  • Glamping;
  • Winter cottage;
  • Children's summer camp;
  • SPA resort in natural surroundings;
  • Guest house...

Features of dome constructions:

  • Short installation time;
  • Huge bay window;
  • Heats up quickly and retains heat very well;
  • Small amount of excavation works does not change the natural landscape;
  • Neat appearance;
  • Frame can be made ​​of wood or metal;
  • Can be equipped with all necessary utilities: water, electricity, heating, fireplace, air conditioning.
winter dome sizes