This elegant dome 8m in diameter will perfectly fit any landscape design and easily become one of your favorite places for cosy evenings with friends, yoga exercises, gym or simply a summerhouse. Yoga Dome This construction seems to be very light, but it is very stable and durable indeed and can be placed in areas with strong winds. Inside such structures you can enjoy the feelings of peace and grace, enjoying the nature and being confident in its safety and robustness. arbor

No need for supporting walls or columns inside the dome Dome Swimmingpool allows to realize any interior design - to get a pool inside with a sandy beach or a pond with a fish and waterfalls. Also it is very easy to create and support a tropical climate inside the dome for exotic plants to grow. Nothing will be limiting you from creation of your unique place for rest and relaxation. spherical projection Playing with the light can create a fantastic look to your dome both inside and outside. Moreover, such dome can be used for video projections, so you can easily turn it into planetarium or just turn on projection of beautiful skies.

Yoga-Dome Kit includes:

  • Steel framework;
  • Dome covering;
  • Panoramic window;
  • Entrance with a door or zipped PVC;
  • Wooden floor system;
  • Dome installation service.