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Dome Sauna Sauna Design Dome sauna design
We are glad to present geodesic
dome sauna and "Russian bath"
. Diameter - 6m. It was designed together with a company specializing in sauna business who are professionals in this industry.

Thanks to it's shape, geodesic dome sauna has perfect air circulation. Steam evenly moves around from the heater within the whole area of the sauna, and when cooling falls down. Due to this steam doesn't stay in one place, but lightly moves all the time, what makes you feel fully relaxed and peaceful.

Dome Sauna stays warm much longer than traditionally shaped one, and if properly planned, can save up to 40% of energy or firewood.

We pay a lot of attention to materials selection, wood and technology used for building the sauna, so that mild warming up can be achieved.

Thanks to dome shape and wooden walls, our sauna positively influences on physical and mental health, helps to achieve a deep relaxation. Correct finishing of walls from outside allows the wood to maximize heat cumulation, reduces the active heating time and as a consequence, does not dry the air and doesn't burn oxygen.

Warm and steam are generated by special sauna heater developed by academician Dobrovolski. It has been designed based on the physiology of the humans body in the steam room and can be easily managed. It has the possibility of work in various sauna modes - from saunas (high temperatures of 100-120 degrees and low humidity 20-40%) to the Russian bath (60-80 degrees and moderate humidity 50-70%), and doesn't have hard infrared radiation.

You can also purchase only sauna framework and equip it as you wish.